Oral Dentures in Durham NC

Complete Dentures – A Worthy Substitute

When your teeth are removed and gum tissues have healed, complete dentures are made and placed in the mouth, though complete tissue healing may take several months.

Immediate Full Denture

With immediate dentures, you do not have to wait for your denture to be placed after a long healing period. The same day the teeth are removed, dentures are made and placed into your mouth.

Partial Dentures – Filling the Gaps

A removable partial denture fills in the space created by missing teeth and fills out your smile. A denture helps you to properly chew food – a difficult task when you are missing teeth. In addition, a denture may improve speech and prevent a sagging face by providing support for lips and cheeks.

To learn more about complete, immediate, or partial dentures, please call Digital Dentistry at Southpoint today.

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