Why would I need an Armourbite mouth guard?
Armourbite mouth guards are designed to protect your teeth as you play full-contact sports such as football, hockey, martial arts, and wrestling. You can also use Armourbite guards to relieve pressure, improve athletic performance, and protect your teeth from clenching. Armourbite mouth guards can also improve your endurance, breathing, and overall performance.

When would I use a mouth piece and when would I use a mouth guard?
Armourbite mouth pieces are used in non-contact or limited-contact sports such as running, basketball, volleyball, tennis, or skiing. In contrast, Armourbite mouth guards are used in full-contact sports, sometimes including those previously mentioned, as well as wrestling, lacrosse, and rugby.

What are the athletic benefits of Armourbite mouth pieces?
Certain studies have shown that Armourbite mouth piece can improve endurance, strength, and reaction time. Wearing an Armourbite mouth piece can also reduce athletic fatigue, stress, and physical impact, making it the ultimate piece of performance mouth gear.

Can I buy Armourbite mouth wear over the counter?
No. Armourbite mouth guards and mouth pieces must be professionally fitted by an experienced dentist, such as Dr. Gary Schlotterer, our Durham dentist. At Digital Dentistry at Southpoint, each Armourbite mouth piece is custom made to impressions of your mouth for a perfect fit.

How long does it take to get UA performance mouth piece or mouth guard?
After your visit to our office in Durham and are fitted by Dr. Schlotterer, your custom mouth piece or mouth guard will be delivered in approximately 10 days. If you would like to receive your custom mouth guard or mouth piece sooner, please contact our office.