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Kiss that Dental Phobia Goodbye

Dental phobia is the second most common fear among people, and up to 50% of the population avoids dental procedures because of it. We understand these fears and take them seriously. Sedation dentistry (using a combination of nitrous oxide, tranquillizers, depressants and anti-anxiety medications to relax during treatment) is the perfect solution. It can produce a relaxed, comfortable state in even the most uptight patient, and there are no needles required.

Dr. Gary Schlotterer is certified to administer sedation in North Carolina and specially trained in sedation dentistry by the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS). Sedation dentistry can help overcome a severe gag reflex, and it allows Dr. Schlotterer to perform complex procedures such as smile makeovers or combine multiple procedures at the same appointment.

To patients, hours feel like minutes, they have no pain, and they rarely remember any of it.

And really, who wouldn’t prefer that?

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